Celebrate Your Womanhood With a Girl’s Night Out or a Brunch

February 16, 2013 in Restaurants

Most women would probably agree that from time to time they need to drop everything and just spend some time with the girls to enjoy that special bond that only women can have. Whether you are a fan of the girl’s night out, brunch in East Village, going for walks, or getting pedicures, it is crucial that you take some time out of your busy schedule to just celebrate being a girl.

Think about it. From the time you were a young girl playing dress up getting together with your friends was an important part of life.

If you were like most girls, you probably spent countless hours of your childhood begging your parents to let you have slumber parties just so that you and your friends could paint each other’s toenails, watch movies, and eat popcorn and ice cream all while dressing up in your favorite ruffled nightgowns.

As you got a little older you probably would gather at friends’ houses on the weekends to get all fancied up for dances or hot dates. There is absolutely nothing like a group of giddy girls laughing and giggling as they go through their closets looking for the perfect outfits and do each other’s hair and makeup.

As the college years come around hanging out with the girls turns into a whole new experience. Whether you lived in a dorm or off campus you probably have plenty of treasured memories about the roommates you had and the great friends that they became.

Sometimes hanging out with the roommates consisted of having a study party out on the lawn in front of the apartment complex. You might have had a tradition of eating dinner on the couch with roommates in the front room while you watched Jeopardy or the Gilmore Girls.

Most women seem to have some college memories relating to gathering around a gallon bucket of ice cream in the middle of the night, each roommate having her own spoon in hand.

These are the kinds of memories that last a life time. Whether it was your childhood friends or your college roommates you had a special bond with these cherished women. They understood you and your worries like no man ever could.

Far too often as women leave their college years behind and enter the real world these cherished reunions with friends seem to be left behind as well. Sometimes it is because of a demanding job and a busy schedule. Sometimes it is because of a husband and a houseful of darling children.

Regardless of what it is that causes women to neglect their need to spend time with other women, the point is that this is a need that should be met.

Figure out how you can arrange your schedule so that you can still spend time with your friends. Plan a slumber party for the weekend that your husband is going hunting. Get a book club or a walking group together. Spoil yourself by going out to brunch in East Village. Whatever it takes, make sure that you are giving yourself the girl time that you need.